Socialism Resumes…

Tucked away on the back page of our Oct 16th (2001) Orlando newspaper’s “A” section was a brief paragraph from Harare, Zimbabwe. This little ‘nugget’ contained the following “…Zimbabwe is abandoning market based economic policies and returning to a socialist-style economy, President Robert Mugabe announced Monday that Businesses opposed to the move should ‘pack up and go’, he said… “

The Zimbabwe government (such as it is) is actually perpetrating this worn out idea of economic-terrorism on its own citizens. The most heinous aspect of this plan is that yesterday the government of Zimbabwe boldly declares to its people that they no longer own themselves and thus the benefits of their own labors. Instead and without apology, the Zimbabwe government declares that they own the labors of its citizens. As a consequence President Mugabe has again forced servitude among his people and returned slavery one more time to the continent of Africa.

Taxpayers around the world (and particularly American taxpayers) should be quite disturbed by these recent actions. For it will be from our own pockets the next set of demands will be made. The government of Zimbabwe by its own actions is rendering the economy fruitless and is creating a system of catastrophe, malfunction and failure.

When a government deprives from its people an incentive to provide for themselves, the next step is to demand from others that which they have prohibited from providing for themselves: A remedy to a self induced crisis.

This sets up the age old question: how can a cart be pulled if everyone is inside the cart waiting to be pulled, and there is no one left willing or able to pull?

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