Senator Lott, racisim and the theft of history

Senator Lott should resign his position as senate majority leader – not because he has been deceitfully accused of being a racist; but because he is not much of a leader!!!!

I say that because he is now giving handing-back to the liberals something that the conservatives just won at the ballot box – confidence of the electorate, control of the political landscape and agenda. It is even quite possible that control of the Senate may revert back to the liberals not by electoral mandate; but, by back-room political machinations. This means more failed government solutions to everyday issues; no additional tax cuts for all Americans; continued Liberal Judicial advocacy; placing the desires of labor union management over the security of the country and the list goes on and on.

Of course you can’t take back what Senator Lott said; and you certainly can’t change the fact that he said it. But the liberals and their willing myrmidons in the media have performed the largest political conjuration in American history: they have stolen over 140 years of Republican Civil Rights advocacy and redistributed it to the Democratic party.

And of course the sad shame of it all is that this convenient theft of history won’t end with Senator Lott – whether he stays or goes. Republicans and especially white Southern Republicans will be painted with the factually inaccurate broad brush of bigotry and racism.

Senator Lott’s off-the-cuff remarks have certainly buttered up a fine crumb of political ‘foot in mouth disease’ now to be served to all in the Republican Party. That’s a crumpet we can all do without.

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