Hot Diggity Dog!

Let’s see, Congressman Anthony Weiner, Democrat-NY, just admitted lying
about sending lewd photos of his “namesake” to a young, college-aged
lass half his age and he refuses to resign.  Just a couple of months ago
Congressman Chris Lee, Republican-NY, emailed a photo of his bare chest
and resigned within 72 hours.  Gee, maybe he should have sent a photo
of his manhood.  He’d still be in office today.  NOT.   Do you think for
one second the libs in the lamestream media would have forgiven him and
let you forget about him?  NOT, again!

A double standard you say?  No, not in America, where men are men, women are women, and in San Francisco it’s anyone’s bet! 

Ah yes, our objective media.  Always being accurate when it suits their
liberal agenda.  You see libs have this view that no matter what they
do, it’s ok.  Kill a baby, it’s ok.  Kill a terrorist or mass murderer,
you’re evil.  Collect welfare, it’s ok.  Make a profit, it’s evil.  Burn
the American flag, it’s free speech.  Pray in public, why you’re
forcing your religion down my throat.  Tweet you’re erection in your
underwear you’re cool.  Try to make our make our country fiscally
solvent again, why you must want to push Grandma over a cliff. 

See how it works?  Good and bad are relative to the liberal mind.  There
are no absolutes anymore.  It’s whatever you feel like at the time.  As
long as you’re a liberal, you’re forgiven any indiscretion.  Don’t
think so?  Remember William Jefferson  “I did not have sex with that
woman” Clinton?  How’d he make out?  Remember Richard Nixon?  Uh, I
think that ending was slightly different.

I’m not siding with Nixon.  Believe me, I was not a fan, and he got what
he deserved.  But Clinton didn’t, and now he’s doted on and lionized by
the ever-fawning press.  And you still think there is no liberal media

The Fourth Estate was what Thomas Jefferson envisioned as the people’s
guard dog.  He knew men, and politicians in particular, were
corruptible.  They needed someone or something to keep them in line.  It
was supposed to be the press.  What happened?

In 2008, journalism in the mainstream media ceased to exist.  The
“journalists” came out of the closest.  They make no pretense to being
fair anymore.  Hell, you even have an MSNBC anchor proudly
proclaiming “I’m a socialist.”  The media has taken sides and has become
as corrupt as the public officials it was supposed to protect us from. 

So grab the chips and dip, pick up that six pack of Bud and get the fire
roaring.  We have some weenies to roast!  Only Congressman Weiner,
Democrat-NY, is not the one getting roasted here.

It’s us!

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