Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services,
Kathleen Sibelius, has threatened to stop food manufacturers from advertising
their products unless they comply with her demands to reduce or eliminate salt
and sugar from their products.

Of course, it’s just for the children, she will say.  It’s to combat obesity, she will say.  She only cares about our health and
welfare, she will say.  Such a
big-hearted person, don’t you think? 
Maybe we should all just give her a big hug and our deepest thanks for
forcing us to eat Brussels sprouts and kale, whether we like it or not.  After all, it’s better for us than
pizza and a Coke.  And she just so
deeply cares about us.

Hogwash and blather. 
It’s about control, plain and simple.  One more piece of the puzzle in this administration’s and
its minions’ pursuit to conquer our liberty. 

Remember the Marxist maxim:  First, suggest; if that doesn’t work, prod; if that doesn’t
work, push; if that doesn’t work, shove; if that doesn’t work, shoot. 

Here’s something else to remember:  First they came for the smokers, and because I don’t smoke,
I said nothing.  Then they came for
the fat people, and because I wasn’t fat, I said nothing.  Then they came for the Jews, and
because I wasn’t Jewish, I said nothing. 
Then they came for me; and no one was left to say something.

What’s the matter; cat got your tongue?


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