Bitter Fruit


Paris Unrest to spread
around the world
, promises French Unions. Hundreds of thousands of angry and
fearful French workers mounted nationwide strikes and protests Thursday to
demand President Nicolas Sarkozy do far more to fight the economic crisis.

Public and private sector workers united in the protest to seek increases in
salaries, greater protection for their jobs and more intensive government
efforts to simulate the economy. Source


As I mentioned in an earlier
blog “Anarchy coming soon to a town near you?” 
and in “Anarchy Reprise 
there is much afoot.


Since then there have been
riots and unreast in Latvia,
Bulgaria and Iceland. Iceland
for pete’s sake
? Really, what’s the world coming to?


Now from the Davos 


Guy Ryder, the general secretary of the
International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), said that the current financial turmoil had triggered a social timebomb that
would lead to deepening civil unrest and soaring crime.

Mr Ryder, speaking as strikes involving
hundreds of thousands of workers erupted across France
and Germany,
told The Times: “We are on the
road to serious social instability, which could be extremely dangerous in some
countries to democracy itself.


that most at Davos are anti-capitalist, anti free-market, it should be noted
that the assault on private property
continues and free enterprise and America is particularly to blame
for the current world economic crisis.


America style capitalism was
NOT indented to operate in a vacuum without a “moral governor” as guided by our
national motto “In God We Trust
; but make no mistake about it, it is neither America‘s fault we are here nor is
the failure of the free-market. Instead, it is the absence of free-market the
absence of our values that brings us to this point.


is plainly obvious, that many around the world represented at Davos do NOT believe
that “You Own You” , or at
least the result of your own labors. Instead, they believe they are entitled to
you and will use any means necessary to claw at it until they succeed.  Fomenting, riots, unrest and

everywhere they go.


happens to you, your family, our beloved republic if anarchists are successful
in spreading the pandemic of misery, faithlessness, class envy and the world view that “they are entitled to what is yours“?

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