The new (millennium) DARK AGES…

… may be coming to a neighborhood or civilization near you! These are the same old crimes – just meted out by a new overseer. Evil carried out – not by the Goths, Vandals or other Old-World looters; but, by a more heinous monster of the home grown variety –  “the Majority” inculcated with the doctrine: ‘EVERYONE BORN IS ENTITLED TO EXIST WITHOUT LABOR’!

But, the new overseers are “Moral Cannibals” who proclaim that it is everyone’s Birthright to receive minimum sustenance: all of their food, all of their clothing and their shelter with no effort. To further their creed the ‘Overseers’ have succeeded in their deception that: everyone is entitled to receive their Birthright from the efforts of others.

While these same “burden shifters” decree that PRODUCTION is not a problem – they declare the only problem is the redistribution of production profit. As the masses have demanded it – it must be made so – even if contrary to all laws of reality.

Where does the future lie? And what of the “selfish unenlightened” who dare to continue to produce, to work, to endeavor? What is to become of them and society when they realize: they no longer own the result of their own creation and ideas – that all property, ideas and result have been claimed by the Overseers – based on power granted by “the Majority” – to be redistributed capriciously and arbitrarily to those who demand it – based not on what has been earned; but, upon the creed of need.

What of a society who’s masses permit this “Moral Cannibalism” to exist? When the overseer and the masses recite from the same liturgy: “EVERYONE BORN IS ENTITLED TO EXIST WITHOUT LABOR”? History reminds us that there are no actions without consequences. Q.E.D. a society that fails to follow the laws of reality will bear the consequences of those actions.

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