Well as Frederic Bastiat wrote in 1850 “… there is also another tendency that is common among people. When they can, they wish to live and prosper at the expense of others. …This fatal desire has its origin in the very nature of man — in that primitive, universal, and insuppressible instinct that impels him to satisfy his desires with the least possible pain” (The Law).

Well I’m heartbroken; but I’m not surprised! Terrorism has finally come to America. For years we have been warned: that the world is not such a warm and cozy place. Frankly, there are many who that hate America – not because of who we are; but, because of what we can and do accomplish.

To most in the world, Americans live in unimagined freedom surrounded by the full bounty that this freedom provides. Yet rather than encourage emulation, the bounty from our way of life (truth, justice, self reliance and personal responsibility) seems to evoke covetousness, theft and even inspire the desire to shed innocent blood.

Even as our enemies conspire against us, we must guard against those from our own shores -some even entrenched in our own political system, willingly complicit to erase the distinctions between justice and injustice. This is not a time for creation of imbalanced moral equivalencies that allow for the acceptance of all actions against us.

Terrorist attacks on America and the freedoms we have earned diminish all the citizens of the world and for that, the entire body of world civilization has become poorer for it.

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