So whose music is it anyway?

Lately, much has been made by many – pilferers in my estimation – touting their “right” to download music – FOR FREE – from the Internet.

As a recording artist, obviously this is a topic ‘near and dear’ to my heart as well as my pocket book and you the reader should perceive my obvious bias. IN addition, I’ve often wondered, which part of that old “thou shall not steal” concept is so unclear? While wading directly into the – it belongs to the village verses it belongs to the individual who created it – pool (and boy is that particular pool warm [grin]) I would like to ask:

What happens to a society where an entire group becomes inculcated with the belief that “IT SHOULD BE FREE”?

Of course it doesn’t matter what “IT” is, – because “IT” is now rationalized to be acceptable to get “IT” FREE based on either “need” or “entitlement”.

By the way, just where does this belief that “IT SHOULD BE FREE”” come from?

“IT SHOULD BE FREE” is the latest form of brainwashing being taught by evangelical collectivists tenured in the United State’s own Government Schools. Moreover a new breed of “carpet bagger” adds to the assault by entitling the right to victim-hood. What might not be accomplished via legislation (read: a brainwashed electorate aided and abetted by vote buying lawmakers) can now be accomplished via the collectivist’s enablers through adjudication!

So while “the looters” might rationalize that they are entitled to free music, what happens when the tyranny of the (brainwashed) majority – led like lambs to their own slaughter – deem their entitlement to the “fruits of your labor”?

By design or accident the result of an “IT SHOULD BE FREE” mindset is still the same and this portends a negative consequence for those in of our society who value “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Besides, what DID happen to that; “thou shall not steal” concept anyway?

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