from ‘Fear!’

The changing American psyche from the concepts of independence and self reliance to the ideas of dependence and government subsidy is due in large part to the New Deal and the manifesto it inspired: that the government can and should solve your problems. . .

Those advancing the New Deal manifesto are also the same pusillanimous characters who are snared by the fallacious argument that ‘we can all live at the expense of someone else’. However, this is a belief absent from our founder’s documents and until public schools elevated FDR to near sainthood and the New Deal to nearly a sacrament these beliefs were absent from the American concepts of self too.

Never has this belief that that the government can and should solve your problems been more dangerous for our country that what we have been witnessing for the past few days.

The market, rocked by an ever more serious series of trials Рnot the least of these include the Fannie Mae Bailout, Porkulus, and as if to add insult to injury: Mortgage Relief has been on a 2000 point tank since Dear Leader was inaugurated. It is as if the last eight years of sweat, blood, hard work, toil  and travails have been undone in the last month. What it took all Americans 8 years to build Dear Leader, Pelois and Reid destroyed within their first 30 days of office. Can you image what the next 4 years will be like?

And now, as if Hugo Chavez is the president of the United States, the headlines on Drudge scream “To Seize or not to Seize” and shares of major banks plummet on fears of out right nationalization! source

Hardworking Americans deserve – no, have earned better treatment than this; but alas we are in for more punishment while bad behavior- okay fraudulent gaming the system behavior is celebrated, uplifted, even rewarded. And as if some by some act of cosmic cruelty, the undeserving will be rewarded by dollars confiscated from us!

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