Woe to the Conquered!


Vae Victis – Woe to the Conquered!


revocation of existing tax cuts, usurpation of individual liberties and now –
drum roll please – the mortgage rescue


Attempts, each
one, to use the US
tax code to affect social change rather than good tax policy. So now we see the
nature of ‘Hope and Change’ in our Obama nation and it comes through the cudgel
of retribution.


We now have
‘dear leader’ and the US government openly engaging in financial jihad against our own citizens  by punishing everyone who has worked hard,
exercised personal responsibility, played by the rules, provided for themselves
and family without government assistance in the name of equality. 


“… our fathers brought forth on this
continent a new nation, conceived in Liberty,
and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal
…”  All this, so that nearly 8 scores later, the hard earned fruits of your
own labors can be seized  – yes
confiscated – by a government intent on purposeful and unchallenged unequal treatment???  (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – over!)


That fact
that the socialists have garnered control of our government and will ceaselessly
use unjust methods via the tax code to penalize legitimate citizens is not surprising.


What is
surprising and breath taking in it disappointment is seemly unconcern of those
that must pay. But, like captives being
brought to a slow boil by moral cannibals we are all to be devoured


nationwide Tea-Parties are being planed are you ready?

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