Corona Bologna

If the Covid19 virus aka Coronavirus aka Wuhan virus has taught our enemies anything it’s that you don’t need a massive military budget, a million man army or a stockpile of nuclear weapons to take down the United States. Just spend a few Chinese yen, Russian rubles or Iranian rials and you can bring the mightiest nation in history to its knees by simply developing and spreading a flu-like virus into America. With the help of the Democrat Party and left-wing media (I’m sorry, I’m being redundant) you can cause chaos and panic effectively destroying the word’s biggest economy and causing losses in the trillions of dollars.

Now I don’t believe this virus was a conspiracy on the part of China or anyone else, however I do believe that the Democrat/Media Party has used it to further its two main goals: 1. Take President Trump out. If you remember a few months ago the MSM was pushing the idea that a recession was looming. That proved to be false even though they hawked that idea for several days as the economy boomed out of sight. 2. Destroy America. Yep, dare I say that the left in this country, now that it has taken over the Democrat Party, the media and our educational system there has been a concerted effort to reduce America to a third-world country? Yes I dare.

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