Florida Election Debacle

I hear all the pundits opining on why the GOP took it on the chin in the election. Well, here are my two cents:

First, the national election. I believe the reason the GOP lost the House was trifold. One: 40 Republicans (cowards all) retired because, I believe, they thought President Trump was going to drag them down and they were going to lose their re-election bid. No guts for these spineless wimps. Two: St. Pauli Girl Ryan should have given up the Speakership when he announced his retirement from Congress. It would have put in place a strong, committed to winning, new Speaker. Third: Those who shunned President Trump’s aid in helping them get elected paid the price. We can see that the president had a profound effect in helping those who asked for his support get elected.

Second, the Florida election. I believe we just witnessed the last Republican governor and last US Senator (should Governor Scott prevail over Nelson after the recount) to get elected in Florida. With the passage of Amendment 4, that returns voting rights to convicted felons after they have served their term in prison, the Democrats just got 1.5 million new Democrat voters. Anyone want to venture a guess as to who they will vote for? And if they don’t vote, don’t think for a moment that Soros, Steyer and Bloomberg would be happy to pump tens of millions of dollars into Florida and simply pay for their absentee ballots and then turn them over to Democrat operatives to fill out. Florida is now a blue state.

Game, set, match.

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