Clear and Present Danger


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested on
Tuesday the world was breathing a sigh of relief that President Barack Obama
had replaced George W. Bush and was working to fix the damage he had caused.


“Elections have consequences” and whether most
Americans knew it or not, they’ve elected people who DO NOT HAVE America‘s traditional
ideals at heart. Instead, we have elected to the highest office of the land and
to the congress people who openly profess distain for the very values that made
this country great. These particular confederates are working diligently to
change much about core “American Values of hard work, personal responsibility,
individual freedom and God given liberties to a collectivized set of unproven
science, failed social and economic engineering and re-prioritize our national
interests abroad to embrace foes whom have sworn that it is their ‘sacred duty’
to convert or kill us.


“Dear Leader” penned in his book Audacity;
I will stand with the them [Muslims] should the political winds shift in
an ugly direction
” . .  
he went on to opine that “Judeo-Christian
heritage will recede as an all-religions country emerges”. Not only is “dear
leader” demonstrating a willingness to abandon American policies abroad; but,
eager to bring about a tectonic shift in culture here at home. He, his
congressional myrmidons and his following are ‘legion’.  Yet we slumber – blissfully ignorant.


Even while we allot scant attention, the House of
Representatives, under the guise of “Stimulus” are preparing to foist upon the
American taxpayer “the invoice” to pay for the tectonic cultural and value
shift – in the form of House Bill “HR1 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
of 2009”.


This stimulus bill will cost the American Taxpayer
more than the Louisiana Purchase, the New
Deal, plus nearly every Fed program ever done combined! Not to mention that
under the guise of Stimulus democrats a ear-marking the bill with every
imagined pork-barrel plan they’ve been denied for the last 20 years.

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