To the Gauntlet


Annually Heads of State and the
wealthiest of Business leaders sojourn to a ski resort in Davos Switzerland to
attend the World Economic Forum and to chat about – what else: “the world
economy”!. Really, thousands of financial elites from all over the globe confab
for 5 days in unimagined – at least to me – luxury whilst discussing issues
related to the global economy.


The story isn’t how much
money attendees will be spending daily (close to $10,000 per day, each) or even
how wealthy they are. Of interest is how
many attendees will willingly throw-over the same economic system that “brought
them to the dance” in order to pick the pocket of the American Taxpayer.

Per the Wall Street Journal on Monday:  


may be the first Davos where capitalism is widely viewed as a failure, rather
than something to be admired,” says Ethan Kapstein, professor of economics
and political science at French business school Insead, who has been going to
Davos since 1994.

. .

capitalist myth is lovely and youthful. It kicked off the industrial
revolution, but maybe we need a new one,” says Richard Olivier…


To this gauntlet of inquisitors,
 finger pointers and haranguers, likely
to be lead by Russia’s Prime Minster Vladimir 
Putin and China’s Premier Wen Jiabao; we, the United States (US or “us”)
are NOT sending thenewly appointed cabinet members of “dear Leader” –  the head of our National Economic Council
Lawernce Summers , or even or National Security Adviser James Jones. Instead we
are sending  ‘Dear Leader’s” confidant: Valerie
 (Who is Valerie Jarrett? Source )  I pray
that MS Jarett is up to the task of defending our country’s  interests. All the while “dear Leader” is signaling
weakness to the rest of the world –  in
the middle of the gravest economic challenges in decades –  he is  signaling that the US/World economy is
not  important enough to send those in
his cabinet that are tasked with it’s oversight.


Let me be clear, and to quote Rush;” elections
have consequences” and whether we accepted it at the time or not, we have elected
in ‘Dear Leader’ a President known for is hostility to capitalism. His
representative will be the “voice of America” at the World Economic


If capitalism and the free market are not vigorously
defend by us – the Untied States, then by whom will the Free Market be


Ceding our interests, Americas
interest to the redistributionist in Davos would be the absolute sacrificing of
our economic welfare to the alter of socialism. Moreover, it would forever make
“working Americans” slaves to the demands of others not only from this country;
but from around the world.

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