Double Standard? No Standards.

When the abortion doctor George Tiller was murdered, it made headlines and outrage was everywhere.  Even those of us who disagree with abortion were angered by this senseless killing.  Just as we are by the senseless killing of the unborn.

For days political pundits from the left excoriated those on the right and blamed them for the killing.  Bill O’Reilly especially was viciously attacked, as was Glenn Beck. Chris “The Tingler” Matthews on MSNBC was observed foaming at the mouth.  For days the news/talk shows on tv kept telling us that the murderer was a “right-wing fanatic.”  Unfortunately, that was a lie.

In fact James von Brunn was an equal-opportunity hater.  But the fact that he was anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, believed that the US government was behind 9/11 and had in his sights on World Net Daily (a conservative news outlet) somehow didn’t seem to get reported.  The media chose instead to “edit” the news.  If you have to ask yourself why, please don’t apply for any jobs that require analytical thinking.

The “news” media indicted all of conservatism and made conservatism its scapegoat.  One man committed the murder, but millions of us are to blame.

Contrast that with the murder of Private William Long; an Army recruiter killed by a Muslim fanatic.  How long did we hear that story?  I think all of five minutes and we had to dig to find out the murderer was a Muslim.  Doctor Tiller’s murder made the front page, but The New York Times buried Private Long’s murder on page 5.  

Did the media blame the rhetoric coming out of Iran for the murder?  How about blaming Al Qaeda or the Muslim schools in America that teach intolerance and hatred and are set-up and financed by our “friend and partner” Saudi Arabia. You wont’ see that happen, it doesn’t fit the story line.

Just once I would like to see a mainstream media outlet get it right.  The American people certainly deserve better.  And the majority of Americans know better.

Whatever happened to the Fourth Estate; the watchdogs of government; the lie detectors?  It seems politics now triumphs over truth.  If you’re George Bush, you’re to be hated; if you’re Barack H. Obama, well, how can you be against someone who can walk on water AND save the world?  

Journalism has been dying a slow death for more than a decade.  It finally expired in 2008 when it went completely insane and made no attempt to hide its bias for Barack H. Obama.  Even John McCain, who had been the darling of the media for so long because of his pro-illegal immigrant stance and his desire to work WITH the Democrats (that means capitulate) couldn’t catch a break from the moronic media moguls.

I unsubscribed to my local newspaper about a year ago.  The only thing it had in it that was based on fact was the crossword puzzle.  Even the sports reporting took a decidedly left turn.  I finally had enough.

Have you?

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  1. I appreciate your interest in my rantings. I will be writing more on a variety of subjects, but I can’t promise I will be writing more about this particular subject. I can, though, promise you that I will be very vocal in my opposition to the stupidity and the dangers facing our country.
    I hope you will keep reading and share my thoughts with friends.

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