Already at the trough!

furthur_ogbus.jpgHere is what’s really wrong with the federal “guv-ment”!


Our newly elected Democrat House member Alan Grayson has vowed to bring home more federal dollars – pork for the “beggar vote” thus hoping to ensure the safety of his house seat from reclamation by Central Florida Republicans.


In the “Orlando Sentinel (locally known as “The Slatinel”) a dying Tribune Property that never met a socialist it didn’t like, Mr. Grayson using the Orlando Phone books as an example is quoted as saying


“There’s only one page for federal [services],” he said. “If you look at Chicago, it would be a dozen pages. People in Orlando need more from the federal government. . . . I want to try and increase the amount.”


Of course with the ensuing “Tsunami of Socialists” entering Congress in January, there should be plenty of opportunity to feast at the public teat – at least until the milk runs dry.


Meanwhile the “Office of the President Elect”, Pelosi and Read, are fermenting a new “brew of stimulus” that could be another $850 Billion bucks!!! Sweet mother of pearl – just how much money is that anyway? 


As a gentle reminder, Alan Grayson is a Democrat, carpet-bagging, opportunistic Copperhead, DC Attorney who, backed with party money and plenty of his own, moved to Orlando to unseat a politically vulnerable Rick Keller.


It is my belief that the United States of America was never intended to have a permanent political class. Instead, we’re all supposed to do our civic duty which might include representing our fellow citizens locally, at the state and maybe even the federal level. Then, after our ” our turn in the barrel”  we are supposed to leave, come home and  to get back to doing what we do! Mr. Grayson and his ilk represent probably the best reason for Term Limits –  in that without long term connections to a community they are funded and “moved in” by outsiders for both political gain and economic advantage.

Central Floridians can bet it won’t be their best interests represented in Washington by this outsider. Instead, it will be the far away political interests and other fellow travelers and merry pranksters on “progressive bus” that will win the day.

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