Acolytes of Idiocy

While the approval ratings of President George W. Bush are low, the approval ratings of Congresses are even lower still.


Within the context of being lower poll numbers than President Bush the Speaker of the House “Comrade Pelosi” is being urged by the ‘Acolytes of Idiocy‘ in her party  to Impeach  the President  for “widespread abuses of power and potentially criminal transgressions against our Constitution”.  The Detroit Free Press article can be found here: .



For economy’s sake, Pelosi needs to push for impeachment now” the acolytes proclaim; but, much of the “widespread abuse” mentioned involve the possible issue of Pardons by President  Bush. Even though he has pardon fewer than his predecessor. Possible pardoners can be found here: .


With a mere 55 days left before those who were put in control by the 52% “beggar vote” control the country. It is obvious that far, far left fringe is demanding retribution. And for that, you, I and the other 48% should be on “stand by”.  For Change is coming  – fast and hard.


Be ready.

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