Apostles of Ignorance

So, the seeds of our current economic condition were most recently sown in the 1990s during the Clintonista regime by the same cast of clowns recently charged with the investigation of same!


What’s even more ‘rich’, is the prospect that these ‘apostles of ignorance‘ will be recycled into the new b. Hussein Obama’s rule – to continue the work they started lo those many years ago.


Hmmm, this type of jackassary – doubling down on stupidity – coupled with concerted actions by campaign donors unfriendly to laissez faire capitalism – 

(Not limited to making a fortune manipulating the stock market by shorting stocks

Read the George Soros interview in Spiegel online : http://www.spiegel.de/international/business/0,1518,592268,00.html ) help create a perfect storm  – where the 52% of b. Hussein’s “beggar vote” will demand an even larger endowment from the public treasury.


What should concern every American – even the beggar vote – is that inclusion of the “Acolytes of Idiocy” – many of whom have never run a business, never met a payroll and never had to match suta/futa/fica payments for their employees – into the financial team of the president elect.  And once their unsteady hand is on the tiller of our economy  there is a good chance there will be nothing left in the treasury to buy votes for 2010.

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