Happy Thanksgiving

america-the-beautiful.pg.jpgO beautiful for heroes proved
In liberating strife.
Who more than self their country loved
And mercy more than life!
America! America!
May God thy gold refine
Till all success be nobleness
And every gain divine!




O beautiful for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam
Undimmed by human tears!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!




For we natural born or naturalized citizens of the United States of America have been bestowed many blessings unknown to much of the world for much of recorded history.


But what makes America great is neither her wealth, natural resources, her military might, her laws nor her elected leaders.


Instead, what makes American great is her PEOPLE. You, me, our neighbors, “Joe the Plumber”, heck even “Rick the Guitar Player” (doesn’t have the same ring) all contribute to the whole of America. And, it is that essence that combines the sum of our individuality to a greater whole.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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