War on Wealth


And so it begins, under the seemingly benevolent rallying cry of “Common Sacrifice” worthy of Orwell’s “newspeak” we are all called to the laudable goal of “Saving our Republic” by the fallacious notion of “universal forfeiture”.

What is less clear is how someone who may be forced to “sacrifice” and sacrifice big – under the obviously soon to be pending tax hikes, will be able to reconcile the fact that others have sacrificed nothing.

Moreover, how does the notion of ‘common sacrifice’ work when you find that you have been required to give up 85, 90 or 95 percent of your income – as many are now projecting – only to find that what you have been forced to sacrifice has actually been given to someone else? Not only are others not sacrificing they are being rewarded at your expense. You are punished, others are benefiting and you have the odious requirement to pay for that reward.

On the face of it, “Common Sacrifice” should be a system where everybody pays the same amount! Or, at the very least the same percentage of income. So, I propose that the sacrifice should be equal to the least amount that we all CAN pay. If we have a system, where some can pay nothing, then ALL SHOULD PAY NOTHING.

Anything less is not common sacrifice, instead it is guv’ment sanctioned, legalized financial cannibalism where one group is allowed – nay, encouraged to prey upon another group.

The latest salvo in the War on Wealth has been launched by the socialists with the American Tax Payer as the target. In the inimitable words of the counterculture comix “The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers; “When the revolution comes, where, will you be?”

The question you must ask yourself is: “am I to be a target?” Soon you will have to decide?

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