Tea-Party Friday

This great country, which I hold so dear, is in trouble. The
principles on which our nation was founded seem to be deteriorating
daily. Our government, comprised of elected officials sworn to
represent us, has abandoned its sovereign duty to the people. Our
voices, already muffled by the roar of a liberal media, are falling on
the deaf ears of an uncompromising Congress. In an economic crisis
created in large part by irresponsible government interference, it
seems our government’s answer is more of the same. If big government
was the cause, how can bigger government be the solution?

In the 1760’s the British Government began to use taxation as a
tool to suppress prosperity and limit the liberties of its people. Much
like our own, the British government abused its power and submitted,
not to the citizens, but to the special interests and political gain.
On December 16, 1773, American colonists decided, as have we, that
enough is enough. In a bold act of protest, the Sons of Liberty filled
the Boston Harbor with more than 45 tons of East India Company tea.

The Boston Tea Party put into motion the events that would
ultimately lead to the American Revolution and on July 4, 1776, our
founding fathers would adopt The Declaration of Independence. This
document not only announced our independence from Britain, but it
asserted our unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness. In addition to these, the Declaration of Independence
ensures our right to protect ourselves from a government that becomes
destructive and to alter, abolish, or recreate a government that has
ceased to fulfill the duties for which it was created.

In the shadow of failed bailouts that have been squandered away
by greedy CEO’s and uncooperative labor unions, our government has
passed legislation that will prove to be the largest and most costly
expansion of government in history. With trillions of dollars gone and
wasted, we have stood and watched the America we love slip away; the
America that has flourished in a system of free market capitalism and
thrived in a democracy centered around states’ rights, it is our duty
to act. We will stand by and watch no more.

This Friday, all across this nation, “we the people” will be
invoking the spirit of our forefathers and joining our voices in an
effort to drown out the chatter of mediocrity. We will have a Tea Party
of our own. In fact, we will have many. We will speak out against the
infliction of a debt that will cripple future generations. We will
protest the use of fear by our leaders to impose upon us their liberal
agendas. We will respond to the threat of socialism that intensifies as
wealth is seized and redistributed. We will reclaim our exceptionalism
that sets up apart and provides every man, woman and child with the
opportunity to achieve the American Dream . We will reject the class
warfare and victim mentality that eats away at peace and prosperity.
And once again, we will empower the people…and the people will

The President has said that he gets it. Let’s make sure that he does. Join us…

courtesy of TCOT Report

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  1. Great photos of the Orlando Tea Party Event
    – Lake Eola –
    Friday February 27, 2009
    provided by Chris Casler Photography

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