more Common Sacrifice


The War on
Wealth continues, with a proposal for a GLOBAL New Deal.


the baser nature of Roosevelt‘s depression era
propaganda, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and our own Dear Leader collude
on a ponzi scheme of global proportions to require public spending on a huge
world-wide scale. Again under the seemingly benevolent call of Common
Sacrifice, Brown and Obama are calling for “Universal Action to prevent the
crisis from spreading”



For those
know their history, you might remember that FDR’s ‘New Deal’ turned the US recession
into a depression that lasted into World War II.


Really, the
only thing that will actually stimulate the world wide economy, and this is
true for our own as well, is to stop punishing job creators by LOWERING NOT RAISING tax rates.

those that subscribe to Keynesian economic theory understand when you want less
of something – you tax it. Taxes are indeed a hindrance on every aspect of
commerce and our lives. Moreover confiscatory taxes reward no-one but the bureaucrats and politicians
who have done NOTHING to earn the money except to convince us that we need
their interference in our day to day lives
. And to ad salt to the wound they
use the money that they confiscate from the working class to buy votes from the
beggar class all in an effort to keep their derrieres in office and provide
‘make work’ for their minions.


I’m not an
anarchist, we indeed do need limited government to provide for the common
defense, ensure domestic tranquility  and
secure the Blessing of Liberty
But, we sure don’t need guv’ment to “make sure the trains run on time” build
bridges to nowhere, protect a field mouse at the expense of the private
property owner. And certainly, we DO NOT need that same inanity or insanity multiplied a hundred
fold and spread globally at our own expense.



mongering or Panic mongering today  is
a carnival con and simply an attempt to use crisis to separate you from your

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