the Great Lie

Socialism is: The Great Lie – by which everyone can all live at the expense of someone else.

The new national health care plan is part of “The Great Lie” for if neither you nor I pay – “Who Pays?”

 So who pays and how? (TANSTAAFL)

For if you have “no skin in the game” financially then you will bear costs in some other way: perhaps by reduce choice, or truncated offerings or even the tarnishing of your soul.

The “Great Lie” is seductive and politicians use it in the oldest of vote buy schemes yet like some ancient evil, once bitten, victims acquiesce to ‘it’s spell’ and become moral cannibals – moral cannibals feasting on the fruits of others.

The guv’ment has no money unless it first takes confiscates it from it’s citizens. So when the guv’ment
proposes massive new spending we should all ask; “who pays” – if not you and if not me, then who? How?

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