Tea Leaves and Turncoats and Voters

All politics is local – as Tip O’Neil was so often quoted as saying …

And right Tip was-  on so many levels! But, if that is so, why do so many House of Representatives get elected on one platform then go to DC and vote against the wishes and interests of their own districts to support the wishes of their party bosses? But – I digress…

As demonstrated in New York district 23  – politics does make strange bedfellows: and you can spin it how ever you like – e.g.

  1. Arguably the democrat winner of such a staunchly conservative district was more conservative than heretofore Republican Party proffered candidate
  2. or if those still voting for the resigned candidate had voted for the conservative instead the outcome would have been different …  

That ‘talking headed’ mumbo-jumbo aside, the local party hacks served up to their constituents a “Soup Sandwich” of ‘spoils and patronage’ and the result of this election should serve to put the party apparatchik’s on-notice that such jackassery should forthwith be curtailed.

Regardless of party politics – if you don’t like what is going on – GET
INVOLVED! Go down to the local executive committee for your party and
sign up!

I mean -holy moley – those involved in the vetting and installing of Scozzafava  as a candidate should be more than embarrassed – they should all loose their seats on the committee that approved such insanity and ‘frog-marched’ through a gauntlet of disgruntled constituents …

I mean really, can you image –  such a squandering of party : time, money and volunteers on a candidate that who at the last minute withdraws from the race and endorsed the political opposition?

But, this is where you – we – US can make a difference,  if you are on the committee that helps scrutinize, evaluate and recommends candidates  then no doubt you will be more happy with the result than with the current tomfoolery – which is bordering on criminal neglect.

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