Everybody Mambo

There is something I truly don’t understand and maybe you can explain it.  There are 15 million Americans who are chronically without health insurance.  Oh, I know the administration says there are 45 million, but any thinking individual knows that’s a flat out lie.  So, if we take the more accurate number of 15 million and divide it by the current population of the US (which is 307,856,993 as of today) that means .048 % of Americans are without health insurance.  Not health CARE, but health INSURANCE.

Also, let me mention that according to the Congressional Budget Office, if Obamacare passes, 25 million people will still be without health insurance.  Now, how do we go from 15 million uninsured to 25 million uninsured if we pass a government healthcare system that is supposed to insure everyone?  Only the federal government can make that happen.  And we actually want them to control healthcare?

There is no doubt, except in the land of mental midgets (and large bellies) peopled by the likes of Michael Moore, that the US has the best healthcare in the world.  If you don’t believe that, ask yourself why 90% of all medical innovation comes from America.  Why does the majority of new drug treatments come from here and why do so many foreigners (who have “free” healthcare), come here for treatment?  So, I’d like to know why we want to remake the best healthcare system in the world for less than 5% of the population at a cost, which, if the history of government programs is any guide, will end up costing 10 times the projected cost and in this case, several TRILLION dollars that we cannot afford.  Especially when our national debt is $11,982,245,269,249 and is increasing by almost 4 billion a day.

It would seem to me to make infinitely more sense to find a way to insure the 15 million uninsured and leave everyone else alone.  After all, 85% of Americans are happy with their medical insurance plan.  For $30 billion annually we could insure the uninsured.  I’m very sure that insurance companies would be stepping all over themselves to bid on a contract that would bump up their bottom line by $30 billion each and every year.

Now, you and I both know, this is not about insuring the uninsured.  It’s not about making healthcare cheaper or better.  It’s simply about power.  The federal government wants more control of our economy and our personal lives.

I urge you to go back and read the papers of Jefferson, Adams, Washington and Franklin.  None of our Founding Fathers ever espoused any principles that would grant a national government such power.  And that’s the problem.  The people in the White House and the leaders in Congress don’t turn to the heroes of The American Revolution.  They turn to Mao, Fidel and Karl Marx.

Thankfully, in spite of the government-run schools, that have dumbed-down our children and taught them that America and capitalism are evil, the spirit of liberty is alive and well.  We realize our freedoms are not bestowed upon us by some benevolent politicians in a far-away capital, and cannot be taken away by the same.  Not without a fight.

The American people understand that their freedom comes from God.  The REAL God, not the one who reads a teleprompter.

Americans, traditionally, are the last to come to the dance.  We didn’t get into World War II until we were ruthlessly attacked by Japan.  It took a devastating attack on our greatest city before we realized that there were forces of evil bent on our destruction.  And we never wanted to believe our government wasn’t a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Until now.

As our enemies have always learned the hard way:  it’s not a good idea to start a fight with an American.  The British learned that in 1775; the Nazis in 1941 and Al Qaeda in 2001.  It’s a lesson our current government should take to heart.

Looks like the band is playing and we finally arrived at the dance.  So everybody mambo!

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  1. Rick Richbourg

    Nicely said…
    must be the new math they teach at guv’ment schools today that gives congress the ability to end-up with more peeps uninsured with the healthcare bill.
    now for the part that should keep us all awake at night: Real-time tabulation for the US Debt clock…

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