Voter Fraud – Universal Suffrage and the Media!

Fantastically – the “right to vote” is conferred on every US citizen – both natural born and naturalized alike. 


Of course, there are some restrictions! I mean, they don’t let children vote, non-citizens aren’t allowed to vote (though some suggest they might, thanks to motor-voter bills in many states) and often, the mentally deranged are precluded from voting.




The perceived right to “universal suffrage” is indeed based on a capacitance -err I mean capacity or should say incapacity issue.  And excepting those low barriers to entry, nearly all above 18 are allowed to vote.


“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less…any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind… “

                                                                        (John Donne)


Just as Donne expressed that we are all connected, so too are the consequences of our votes! No vote is cast in a vacuum; each vote either reinforces or dilutes every other vote. The consequences of each vote extend beyond the single voter to the entire voting public.


In this context, I present the following video (hat-tip Chris Casler) Please watch the entire video.


Here is the link refernced in the video: 



As the video clearly demonstrates – we do have a voting problem in the United States. Not because too few are allowed to vote. Instead, too many are allowed to vote without full understanding of the consequences. Moreover, the uninformed may be intentionally misinformed from the vary news sources they depend on for accurate information. The Mainstream Media who – at least in this election – appear to ‘have a dog in the hunt’ and is certainly culpable in perpetrating voter fraud on us all.


Of course there is a remedy; but, what would yours be?

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  1. Rick,
    Two things have dawned upon me recently as a result of your Meringue-mails.
    1. . . . I know your website and enjoy it.
    2. This is not really a result of your email, but BHO had to have more than one response point in his debates.
    a. As you may know, I was in the group of the first American college students to visit Red China, thanks to Richard Nixon, and more importantly, his resignation, leaving Gerald Ford in office.
    i. Gerald Ford, being from Michigan, as I was, carries great gravitas with the honor-bound Chinese.
    1. I attended the ‘largest state university’ nearest the home of the great leader of the United States, Gerald Ford. The Honor’s College was thereby invited to ‘visit’ China in honor of our new President. The Chinese missed the fact that Jerry went to U of M in Ann Arbor and was an All-American leather-headed football player. My stupid school, Western Michigan, was closer to his birthplace, thus we got the honor. Go figure.
    b. On that trip, I came to see firsthand, Mao’s Red Guard of the Cultural Revolution. These were the children of those who put him in power, condemning their parents, academia and industrialists for ‘loosing the way’.
    i. I see a great parallel here in the Obamamania.
    1. The young and uninformed telling their elders how to think.
    a. Can you say “Re-education Camp”

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