Well the voters have had their say.


And now “the markets” – the Stock Market – or at least those that invest in them have spoken as well.  These investors are the men and women who actually have “a stake” in the outcome. You might say that this is the will of the “payer” vote – the ones who actually have to pay for what politicians promise.


That result was not pretty – in a loud clanging voice – investors shouted “sell!” The day following Election Day 2008 the Dow was down nearly 500 points. Can you say Obamanxiety. How ironic, Obama-Anxiety for an Obama-Nation!


The mighty “financial motor” of the entire world – the Untied States economy-  has the looming specter of economic sabotage perpetrated on her citizens by the very politicians just elected.


Liberal Politicians, Progressive Politicians, politicians who openly distain capitalism, who neither understand commerce nor appreciate the value of risk and the sometimes reward.. Politicians who will mete out harsh punishment on all ‘out of favor businesses’ with punitive cap and trade policies, beget an aggressive tax agenda and force  progressive income redistribution on anyone left with a job. Can you say; “Jobs, baby Jobs”! All for the ultimate vote buying scheme: bribing the voter! Even though history has proven – over and over again –  that government based on the great lie “that everyone can live at the expense of everyone else” always fail. 


What was once regarded as theft – taking from someone without their consent or compensation – is now touted as patriotic. What a pant-load of malarkey that is! We have; so lost our way, so lost the meaning of words and most likely lost our economic freedom. Without economic freedom, we lose the ability to pursue our own life, pursue liberty and pursue happiness – we lose everything – except our faith.

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  1. Worst. President. Ever.
    Gateway has a story up, and I’ve commented there: http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/2008/11/barack-hussein-obamamcstockmarketcrashi.html
    RIP USA 04 November 2008, assisted suicide.
    see: http://atrueobamanation.blogspot.com/
    The markets? That’s foreign money fleeing the risk of confiscation, and domestic investors and retirees with 401(k) plans asking “Who is John Galt?”
    More of the same is likely tomorrow, and Monday, and Tuesday, and clear through King Hussein’s coronation in January, or 2000 on the Dow, whichever comes first. I hope everyone that voted in the National Democratic Socialist Party are getting the change they wanted and so richly deserve, like those campaign staffers trying to get paid…

  2. Obamanxiety – deux

    “The power of the county” – the Posse Comitatus ACT was passed 1878 to keep the United States Military specifically from traditional civilian law enforcement duties and return it to its role of defending the borders of the country.  …

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