Artful Dodger

Without so much as a denial, let alone a denunciation, in an Orwellian sidestep worthy of 1984, Barack Hussein Obama deflected the claim that he was a Socialist to actually assert that John McCain /Sara Palin wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness!  – vid below –


Continuing reinforcement of what we already know: captions and sound tracks aside, the video/audio of Barrack Hussein Obama talking about the failure of capitalism is stunning.


I know this is old news; but, I’ve been thinking about this for the last few days. Now the real news is not that Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist – the real news is “that no one  cares!  No one  -outside payer vote,  the conservative blogosphere, pornographic radio and a few at  Fox News.


Well lets speak plainly – Socialist advocate for state or collective OWNERSHIP of you! Ownership of what you make, what you do, and what you think!


This means you don’t own you – instead you are a slave. A slave to the collective! A slave to the hive! A slave to the shiftless -a slave to the “why can’t I live without work crowd”! A slave to a looting state where capitalism is destroyed, poverty ‘trickles up’ and all that is left is a brutal existence where ‘everybody plunders everybody’. At last, we finally have a fair ‘society’ where the equivalence of financial gang rape is viewed as selflessness.


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