Making the Presidency Successful

Chris Matthews, yes, that same ‘tingly feeling leg-furrower’ alleged journalist and former W. ‘hardballer’ who recently dispensed with any vestige of impartiality declared that it was his “job to make Obama Presidency Successful” ;



has recently intimated at a senate Seat in Pennsylvania in 2010



Though the Fox and Friends video with a more entertaining discussion can be seen here:


Leg furrowing aside, perhaps that – meaning the senate seat – would be a better position to enable that desired success Matthews so “desperately seeks”.


Hey, we all know that nearly all of the mainstream media is ‘in the tank’ for most liberal causes including this past US election for president and the former ‘hardballer’ now ‘leg furrower’ more than most..


The real story isn’t that Matthews is a democrat supporter. It is in his new found sense ofobligation for the country” and a “need for a successfully presidency” – now of course that b. Hussein has been elected.


Sweet Mother of Pearl pal, where was your sense noble obligation for the country during  the past eight years? It certainly wasn’t dribbled and drooled out over the airwaves where you heaped all manor of vituperation and vile invective on Bush, Cheney, the War on Terror, conservatism, Sara Palin, and everything but American Pie.


In fact, the derision provided by you and your ilk for the past eight years allowed you to function as a fifth column for our country’s enemies abroad and functioned as fallacious purveyor of propaganda for the Apostles of Ignorance.


My opinion is that most Americans would really appreciate your desire for a successfully presidency regardless of party in power.  

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