Google Censorship and Change!

I loved Google – even laughed when it was “verbed” in a movie plot. Google, now a venerable web brand, so entrenched in our daily lives, it is both a noun and an ‘action word’!


It has grown so fixed and so ubiquitous that nearly every windows based computer has “it” – a Google toolbar. And whether it is installed by default in your Internet Explorer browser, preinstalled on your new Dell computer or downloaded with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player – there is no getting around it. It’s everywhere. Business analysts often refer to Google’s domination of the market space.


Without raising the specter of what is being done with all of that Google Toolbar data, Google Ad Planner/Ad Sense data or data currently being captured AND collected, or possibilities of what the b. Hussein’s “Change-State” could do with the result of every Google search from everywhere much should be made of the relationship of Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt and Obama’s campaign AND possible inclusion of Schmidt into the b. Hussein Administration.  What a team – huhh – Obami-Google!


To those outside the IT field, it should be a worrying sign the Google can and does control the information that it displays through a multiplicity of metrics, and a scheme of ‘double secret’ algorithms know as page ranking.


Moreover, Google’s ‘do no evil’ policy much akin to the United Nations’ ‘do no harm’ mandate actually has the converse affect – just ask those poor souls dying in Africa how ‘do no harm’ is working for them!   – Do no evil has Google willingly censoring itself for more market share in China, . . .


In this context, stories appeared last week that Google is censoring anti-Obama bloggers: .


And as I ‘riffed’ in my Acolytes of Idiocy  post, the nature of “Change” as we know it may be nothing more than good old fashion  retribution!!!


Or is there something more sinister afoot – a systematic ploy to control information not only through the MSM (mainstream media ) ; but, on every desktop near you?


It is important to know that one of our ‘formerly trusted’ web tools has become an apparatus of the body politic.   And information or at least information (or lack thereof) of a political nature dispensed from that source is at best – tainted.

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    interesting followup to today’s post:

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    So what’s your debt load?. ‘Whacha’ carrying on credit cards, line of credit, mortgage, second mortgage,  student loans, car payments, store credit cards?  Total that up and ad another $7,000.00. Yep, that’s what “Dear Leaders”  ‘Porkapo…

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