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So, I get an email from a friend today about our local tea party movement and thought I’d just “harangue it!”

the note:

As an insider with the Orlando Tea Party operation, can you
enlighten me on the direction of this  once Righteously-spirited and Gentile of
character movement?   Is our conservative reflex being controverted into a third
party movement?  I never signed on for that!

 I thought I was just signing up for just  a little
constitutional,  Jeffersonian revolution, a simple backlash statement to
America’s First Triumvirate: ‘Obama-Pelosi-Reid’, in an attempt to preserve our
Republic.  I do not want any of us to become Cassius or Brutus, et. al.,   who
killed for their Republic, and died violently because they were politically
selfish, as a result.

Let me know.

my reply:


Hey Man ,


Great observation /
question! I’ll do my best to address it . . .

Any time you get more
than a “group of one” it gets hard to agree on anything 😉 The biggest problem
with any movement is that it is made up of people, and quite frankly, people
disappoint us!

Human nature; being
what it is, despite the best efforts of those that teach otherwise, simply
hasn’t evolved since the ancient of days. And what you see now, is what I call
typical – “Lawyer behavior”. Lawyers by trade engage in the ‘second oldest
profession’: “of taking something rather than making something!” Opportunism –
is even more rampant in our post modern culture now that we have unbundled the
moral component from society. And with such a large segment NOT believing that
“Faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life” we as a society are
“bound in the shallows and miseries” that accompany an existence absent Faith in

I believe that you,
like we, “sign-up” for the Tea Party Movement! On the other hand there is
the Tea Party – Party, which at least in Florida, is an attempt by folks to
capitalize on the political opportunities created by the Tea Party Movement, you
also have others attempting to financially capitalize on the Tea Party momentum
by creating Tea Party PACs.

When I showed up for
the first Tea Party meeting here in Orlando, there were 8 of us in the Room! Wow,
we come a long way since then. And, while I can’t speak for everyone, I think a
good many of the Tea Party Movement folks have concluded that: While America is
a two party system, our best hope is to use what ever influence we have to
affect meaningful and positive results in candidates and elected officials that
most closely reflect our own ideas – as we believe are set forth by our founders
– in whichever political party they may be…

So while we have the
Tea Party Movement fighting for the soul of our country, we also have the
typical “tics on a dog” trying to aggrandize themselves or hijack our political
fervor. But, we must ‘shake the dust of our sandals’ and endeavor forward, else
the unholy triumvirate of Obama, Pelosi and Reid will visit a fresh manner of hell
up on the producers in this country.

Most Patriots from the
Tea Party Movement realize that the liberal’s best chance for reelection – and
to continue their assault on the principals that founded our nation – is for us to
create a Third Party. What most denigrators
of the Tea Party Movement don’t
realize is that the movement is all about ideas not about party: Ideas of Freedom, Liberty, smaller
government and the concept of who owns you – whether “you own you” or the “state
owns you”.  And this is why the movement so terrifies entrenched party hacks who are bereft of ideas and instead substitute people over
law, power over principal and advocate the false political economic doctrine
where you are entitled to your neighbors stuff.

 Veritas Vincit,  

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  1. right on the money. the last thing we need is a third party movement. that would play right into the hands of the politically entrenched (of both parties.)
    what we need to do is take back the republican party.

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