While I am sure there a few conspiracy a foot…

My reply to a friend who is emailing about The New World Order, conspiracy theories and the ‘deep state’!

Most of the the examples mentioned  sound like the half truths and plausible theories that ensnare the unwary and coalesce the masses against the free market.

Have you heard Micheal Medved’s radio program? Occasionally, on full moon days, he does ‘conspiracy day’ where callers call in and he discusses all manner of theories¬† with the callers. It’s worth a listen, if nothing else to hear just how difficult it is to keep and maintain a conspiracy of gigantic proportions. Yesterday, there was a replay of many of the popular theories from the Bilderbergs to the Illuminati and more. (see and example here at MichealMedved.com)

Yes, it often feels as if there is an invisible hand directing things; but, often ‘fellow travelers’ work together to further their aims. Yes, there seems to be collusion between big guv’ment and some large corporate interests (think GE or Google). But, Wall Street doesn’t ‘suck money out of the economy’ they are part of the motor that makes the markets work. Do hedge fund mangers make too much money? Maybe; but, that is for their investors to decide not the envious sitting on the outside of the funds who have no risk (or reward)… Yes, big guv’ment does suck money out of the economy.

True, it does seem as if we are at a nexus of state controlled everything, whether it is the economy, heath-care, even local law enforcement; but, that in large part is what we’ve been concerned with for years….

Congress, this (and even previous) President(s) and the ‘Supremes’ have been operating ultra vires for years. And, we the people of tolerated it. Expect (more of) what you tolerate.

The moral governor of faith has been torn from the fabric of society and many are ‘doing what is right in their own eyes’ without fear of divine retribution. This is part of the oldest conspiracy of all. As Baudelaire says; “My dear brothers, never forget, when you hear the progress of enlightenment vaunted, that the devil’s best trick is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist!

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