Anarchy – coming soon to a town near you?

A half a world away, cities in Greece burn while our own friends, neighbors  and family  apparently – asleep at the switch – cast only a glancing eye toward elected officials rushing headlong to embrace National Socialism.


So, a fifteen year-old kid tosses a Molotov Cocktail, Greek Police, in self defense fire on the perpetrator, he is killed and Flash!  A spark ignites suppressed tensions?/! And cities in Greece go up like a tipped turkey fryer at Thanksgiving.



Now reports are in that the Greek Protests are spreading across Europe

Demonstrations against the killing were seen in cities across the continent with left-wing radicals and other sympathisers taking to the streets.


In Spain, 11 protesters were arrested and several police officers injured when clashes took place in Madrid and Barcelona.


In Copenhagen, 32 people were arrested when their protest in support of the Greek protests turned violent.


In neighbouring Turkey, about a dozen left-wing protesters daubed red paint over the front of the Greek consulate in Istanbul.


Around 150 people belonging to a Danish underground movement took to the streets, throwing bottles and paint bombs at buildings, police cars and officers. In Moscow and Rome, protesters threw petrol bombs at Greece‘s embassies.   Source   


I’ve been saying for some time that there is much nefarious activity afoot, whether it is, the tainting of the last election cycle with 100rds of millions of dollars foreign campaign contributions, west bank  boys  bombing Israel by day and making campaign phone calls for b. Hussein at night, the Gas crisis – like the old Airplane pyramid scheme – where oil is artificially bid up in price only to return to saner levels AFTER the election – The Credit Crisis, the Car-apocalypse, the  unfurled flag of beggars everywhere demanding unearned plunder from those still productive in society.


Absent the question of the what was the original reason for protest – presuming of course that Molotov Cocktail throwing isn’t some sort of new national sport: what would it take to ‘set off’ the most recent Greek style anarchy in your neighborhood?


And are you ready?


I am compelled to note: that as a member of the western world, I feel a deep sense of appreciation and  gratitude for the Greek Civilization. So much of what we are is from the legacy hand down to us from them. Not to mention that I am forever teaching “Greek” to my students  in the form of  ‘ecclesiastical modes’ or guitar scales for the chord changes to tunes 😉



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  1. Yea, I can think of a few things that might set it off:
    1. Political scandal that takes down the ‘office of the president elect’ before inauguration?
    2. A Sit-In at a door and window company (or some other manufacture) near you?
    3. Not being the first through the door at your
    favorite store on “Black Friday”?
    4. No food in the stores when Just In Time inventory isn’t on time anymore?

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