A Labor Union is . . .

Quiz Time


A labor union is:


Answer A:

Workers bind together to form Unions so that they together can fight for better work conditions. Without the power of the Union workers would completely be at the mercy of the employers. But sticking together they got a better change to fight for their interests.


Answer B:

Outdated social construct perverted from a once noble mission into socioeconomic virus destined to usher in the next great depression.


Answer C:

An association that uses thuggery, hooliganism, bribery, extortion and blackmail to get the wage level raised above its true value for its workers and the real reason jobs are shipped overseas.


Answer D:

The reason why  the “Big 3” auto maker’s cars cost, on average, $2000 more than the same type car made domestically by their Japanese competitors  everything made in blue states cost so much.  


Answer E:

All of the Above.


No matter how you answer the question above, labor unions impact have had a deleterious affect on a free-market and apparently and probably only temporarily, on their own the bail-out future.


To their credit, Senate Republicans refused to back federal aid for Detroit‘s Big Three without some guarantee that United Auto Workers would agree to wage cuts to match pay with prevailing market value – that is to be more inline with the pay of Japanese car makers. The UAW refused!  Even though these cuts would not occur until the end of 2009!


As similarly blogged in Shark Diving many people do NOT have a understanding of business – except that they believe that the purpose of business is to provide jobs (jobs, jobs, jobs baby.). And if a business fails and the jobs go away, then the assumption is; ” well okay I’ll just get another  job”. . .


So the “Big 3 Bailout” or Car-pocalypse if you will, fails –  due to UAW intransigence  and the Republicans will get the blame. 

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