Veteran’s Day

As you sit in your comfortable home, watching your big screen tv and munching on your favorite fat-inducing snack, I hope you’ll take the time to remember the folks who made it all possible:  The United States Military. For more than two centuries, American men and women, of all ethnic … Continue reading

Let’s Not Jump To Conclusions

After the killings at Fort Hood, Texas, President Barack Hussein Obama made a short reference to the tragedy by admonishing the American people to “not jump to any conclusions” about who or why these murders occurred.  That was, of course, after the three-minute “shout” out to his Native American audience.  … Continue reading

Everybody Mambo

There is something I truly don’t understand and maybe you can explain it.  There are 15 million Americans who are chronically without health insurance.  Oh, I know the administration says there are 45 million, but any thinking individual knows that’s a flat out lie.  So, if we take the more … Continue reading