Women and children Hardest Hit,

042709.jpgCollectivism, Socialism, Communism: “Women and children hardest hit.”.

Stealing a play from the lib playbook, I’ll use a headline that is one of their favorites – you know the one they always use to grab your attention – the headline that declares whatever impending doom is coming – typically caused by mean hearted republicans – will impact women and children first  –

Budget cuts coming – women and children hardest hit” or  Asteroid collides with earth  wipes out entire population, “women and children hardest hit

In a recent Rasmussen poll 30% of Democrats say they prefer Socialism! The figures for the under 30 crowd are even more staggering: while 37% prefer capitalism, 33% prefer socialism and a staggering 30% are undecided. Source

Can someone please explain to me that in a world where collectivism in all of its forms have been demonstrated a failure, we have 33% of those under 30 embracing it and another 30% undecided about its efficacy? Can there really be that many tenured professors romanticizing about the good old days of Stalin and  Mao or lifting up Castro’s Cuba as a current modern economic model? I’m just saying would you rather have Cuba’s economy than our own?

Well, if you would rather Cuba’s economy, hang on it’s coming – many in the ‘Dear Reader’s” administration have an affinity for socialism. These folks are working diligently to bring that home to us  – with all that it entails:  including high unemployment or massive underemployment,  inflation, slow or regressive growth. Not to mention all that comes with state managed; education, health, economy and faith.

If you prefer socialism to capitalism then, the light you see at the end of the tunnel is not the end, instead it is a “flashlight on a ration card”!

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