Why no resentment?

So, this week I get an email from a friend and client who asks:


When will the overall resentment of local , state, and federal workers paychecks create major chasms in our societal fabric?


Placing his question in context, my friend was referring to the new Federal
pay tables for Executive and Senior level guv’ment employees which show federal workers presently make $120K a year for work that pays $60K in the private sector.

So here is my reply:

Since nearly half of all Americans – 49% pay NO income taxes at all, I see no widespread panic or even resentment building amongst anyone – except those ill-fated taxpayers actually footing the bill.
After all, many on the receiving end of these benefits and entitlements have NO IDEA who pays for those goodies and don’t care – as long as they keep coming! – Some actually think the president or the guv’ment pays for their allowance – not their neighbors or acquaintances (sometimes known as the tax payer)! Which is why they hated President Bush and love President Obama, they perceive that Dear Leader Reader will give them more.

For at least 30 years and maybe longer,  we have been taught that capitalism is bad, free markets are unfair and that the idea that ‘you should keep some of what you make’ is greedy. We pay a dear price for ignorance in this country and in the end it will likely cost us all our republic.

Regrettably, what we will have in our Republic’s place is probably some sort of oligarchy – where the ‘elites’ – who have all gotten their positions via some sort of quota, entitlement, political favor or guv’ment assistance (and think everyone gets and keeps their job that way) – RULE the dumb-masses with either benign neglect or outright tyranny and subjugation. [see previous entry: A Republic if you can Keep It]

Sadly, many of our non-taxpaying brethren see the burgeoning  federal dole as a way to rectify the “inequities” of personal responsibility, hard work and initiative. And as you mentioned, a guv’ment job is a chief mechanism by which they can gain their own access to the benefits of artificially inflated salaries – allowing for a lifestyle paid for by ‘entitlement’ rather than merit. 

Now my friend, we are living at the arbitrary and capricious whims of an electorate that believes that majority rules rather than law rules. And much like 3 wolfs and a sheep ‘casting lots’ on what is for dinner, the taxpayer is being  served up as the ‘main course’!

The major split will come when the treasury is dry and politicians can bribe no more votes – then like Greece we will have our own kettle of fish to fry – or at least anarchy the like of which we have never seen in the United States of America. to wit:
this week – Aug 14,2010 in Atlanta
Or  in May 2010 in Santa Cruz

[hat-tip: Dennis G.]

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  1. The only resentment comes from those who take nothing from the government. A number that is dwindling each week as unemployment rises. Gee, you don’t think that’s the plan do you?

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