The Party of NO?

You keep hearing from the autocrats in DC that the
Republicans are the party of “No” and that conservatives have no plan
to stimulate the economy.  Well,
either they’re not paying attention or they’re lying.  Guess which one I’m betting on.


Here’s are five good ideas from the party of NO:



Congressman Jordan (R-OH) and Congressman Jason Chaffetz
(R-UT) have introduced H.R. 5029, the Economic Freedom Act, a plan to unleash
the power of America’s private sector economy.


The Economic Freedom Act would terminate the TARP and repeal
the remaining stimulus, replacing them with a real stimulus plan to create jobs


Reducing The Payroll Tax by Half for 2010


Providing immediate stimulus by increasing workers’
paychecks and improving the bottom line for employers.


Eliminating The Capital Gains Tax


Encouraging the
risk-taking and investment that is at the heart of the entrepreneurial spirit.


Reducing the Corporate Tax Rate to 12.5%


Improving America’s
competitiveness in the global market and providing incentives for expansion and
job creation.


Permanently Eliminating the Death Tax


Ensuring that small
businesses and family farms, the engine of our economy, will continue creating
jobs for future generations.


Providing Immediate Business Expensing


Encouraging long-term
reinvestment in business, increasing competitiveness and creating jobs.



I could add a few myself:



Get rid of the Departments of Education and Energy


Both are utter



Get rid of all the Czars and their staffs


Let freedom ring.



Sell all non-essential federal lands


 No foreign ownership allowed.



Put a freeze on all non-essential government hiring and on federal wages

We have a bloated and overpaid federal workforce


Privatize the US Postal Service


UPS and FedEx do a
much better job and cheaper.



Eliminate foreign aid


 It’s time for some personal



Eliminate earmarks

Don’t we have enough Robert “KKK” Byrd libraries?


Reduce American Armed Forces presence throughout the


We have a heck of a
navy and air force, we don’t need that many boots on the ground.



Balance the budget


We can’t spend more
than we take in.



No new entitlement programs, no expansion of existing ones



Eliminate duplication of programs



End the Federal Reserve

Hasn’t it done enough damage?

Drill Here, Drill Now

Lower the price of oil and you lower the cost of everything.


Repeal the 16th Amendment, close down the IRS and
institute the Fair Tax.


No more punishment
for hard work.



Any law that’s written must pass the constitutional
smell test 


Each bill must have
the applicable section of the US Constitution that supports its validity.




Gee, you mean we could actually follow the law?



Now that doesn’t sound like there are NO ideas to me.


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