Hickory Dickory Dock, They’re Running Up The Clock

As I write this the current US national debt is more than $16,654,000,000,000.  I couldn’t write in the exact number because it’s increasing at more than $1 million per minute.  If you look at the National Debt Clock, the numbers are advancing so quickly you’ll get dizzy watching them.  Think about that number for a second; each hour our debt increases by more than $60 million; each day it increases by about $1.5 billion; each month by $45 billion; each year by $540 billion.  Let that sink in.  We will borrow more than a half-trillion dollars this year.  Who is going to pay what we owe?  More importantly; can we?

I have two grand-daughters that are not even two-years old yet and they each owe more than $45,000 as their share of our debt.  I thought the election of Barack Obama was going to issue in a new era of fairness.  In fact he said that his tax policies weren’t about revenue, but about being fair.  So my question is, how is it fair to be born owing almost $50,000 when you’re not even old enough to get a job? 

That hardly seems fair to me.

Our nation is going bankrupt, of that there is no doubt.  Yet, our Congress and this administration seem hell-bent on spending even more money while they promote policies that destroy jobs that will ultimately be needed to finance this growing debt.

Minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, the clock keeps ticking.  Like a time bomb it’s set to go off.  The only thing is that no one is really sure when that will happen, yet we continue to feed it voracious appetite.  So is it just me, or does this sound like insanity?  It’s either that or whoever is driving this bus knows exactly what they’re doing as they steer us over a cliff.

And that’s not insane; that’s evil.

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