The “T” Word

I don’t like to throw around the “T” word indiscriminately.  It’s an ugly word.  It doesn’t really roll of the tongue easily.  I suppose that’s why we don’t hear it very often unless of course liberals can’t argue facts (which often get in their way.)  Then they just call you a Nazi, fascist or traitor.  It eases their consciences and makes them feel at one with the universe. 

In case you’re wondering what the “T” word is; it’s Treason.  With a capital T. 

It’s not a word that should be used lightly.  You shouldn’t accuse someone of being a traitor just because he, she or it is from the opposite end of the political spectrum, likes cats or is a cross-dresser.  I, like most Americans, associate treason with the infamous Revolutionary War general, Benedict Arnold.  If you didn’t sleep through American History class, or are currently attending public school, you’ll remember America’s most famous traitor.  And I guess that’s where we get our standard definition of treason. 

But lately, something hasn’t seemed right to me.  When I look at the political landscape in Washington, I see people in government that are doing their very best to bring our country to its knees.  And it’s working very well.  Our economy is being bludgeoned and if sanity doesn’t prevail, we are about to make deep cuts in our defense spending. That, of course, will go over very big in North Korea and Iran.

Is this part of some sinister master plan or is there something in the water in the DC water system that causes intense stupidity?  Yearning for an answer (I do yearn sometimes), I went to the dictionary to see if there was more to treason than I knew. 

According to the on-line dictionary, the word treason has three meanings:

1. The action of trying to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign. (Doesn’t apply here.  Thankfully no one is trying to kill our sovereign.  We don’t need a martyr.)
2. A violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.  (Hmm, may apply here.)
3. A betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery. (By golly, I think this is the Holy Grail.)

It goes on to expand on number 3:

“Treason is any attempt to overthrow the government or (now this is where it gets to the real point):  IMPAIR THE WELL-BEING OF A STATE TO WHICH ONE OWES ALLEGIANCE.”

Can anyone tell me that Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the asylum inmates that are responsible for our massive debt, punitive taxes that are coming, government takeover of industry, banks and the financial markets, and a general ignorance of and disdain for our Constitution, are not impairing the well-being of the state to which they took an oath of allegiance? 

Because I’m trying real hard not to believe that they are traitors. 

But so far, I haven’t convinced myself.

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