The Final Final Solution

One of my favorite movies is “Judgement At Nuremburg.”  It’s a true story based on the trials of Nazi war criminals after World War II.  If anyone doubts that evil exists in this world, watching this will quickly dispel those doubts. 

The images of thousands of corpses piled high in concentration camps in Germany and Poland leave a lingering image in the mind of anyone who has a soul.  It both frightens and angers you at the same time.  I found myself shaking with rage at the images of bloated bodies rotting in the sun.  You wonder how a nation could stand by as millions of innocent men, women and children of all ages could be systematically eradicated.  It is beyond human comprehension.

That’s why we cannot forget it.  Decent people, who are incapable of this kind of barbarity, cannot comprehend genocide.  So they refuse to believe that anyone is capable of it.   Hitler outlined his plans to exterminate Jews in his book Mein Kampf, in his speeches and in his actions, yet the world chose to ignore him.  The current president of Iran says he will blow Israel off the face of the map; Hamas’ charter calls for the destruction of Israel and the extermination of ALL Jews.  And the world chooses to ignore it. 

The state of Israel is alone.  Its population of 6 million is less than one-tenth that of its Arab neighbors.  It’s surrounded by enemies on all sides, Europe has condemned her and now it’s staunchest supporter, America, has abandoned her.  The Obama administration, either through its naivete or intentions, has just made war in the Middle East more imminent.  America’s weakness emboldens the enemies of Israel to provoke the Jewish state, then cry foul when Israel defends herself.  The corrupt United Nations does nothing but introduce resolutions that chastise Israel and gives legitimacy to terrorists and those that support them.

North Korea killed 46 South Korean sailors in an unprovoked submarine attack weeks ago and the UN has said nothing pending an “investigation.”  Israel tries to stop weapons from coming into Gaza by blockading its shores, kills 9 “peace activists”  who just happened to be beating and stabbing Israeli soldiers and every nation in the UN signs a resolution condemning her; within just 24 hours after the incident.  It didn’t call for an investigation; it didn’t watch the video tape; it just found Israel guilty as charged.  As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later said, “Israel is guilty until proven guilty.”  So much for the impartiality of the United Nations.

Elections have consequences.  Unfortunately, for Israel, our elections affect her too.  American Jews, who voted overwhelmingly for Barack Hussein Obama; who financed his campaign with untold millions of dollars would do well to remember that this administration has not proved a friend of freedom.  It kept its support from the students in Iran protesting the sham elections; it abandoned the principles of constitutional law in Honduras when it condemned the LEGAL ouster of a Hugo Chavez clone intent on becoming a dictator and now it denies Israel the right to defend itself.

The Final Final Solution has been in the works for a long time.  As long as America remained steadfast in its support of Israel, the wolves were kept at bay. 

No longer.  The Final Final Solution is coming soon, but not to a theater near you.  It’s not a movie this time.  It’s real life……and death. 

What will history say about us after another Holocaust? 

What will you tell your children and grandchildren when they ask you “What did you do to stop it?”  


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