Eyes Wide Shut

President Barack Hussein Obama this morning touted the
increase of 431,000 jobs reported for last month, as a sure sign the economy
is coming back strong.  Well, here is where we are going to have those
pesky little facts jump in and ruin everything; yet again.

According to a media reports,
there were 431,000 jobs created, 390,000 of them were government jobs. 
That means only 41,000 jobs were created in the private sector. 
“What’s the difference?” you might ask, “A job is a job.”  Wrong.  There
are only two ways to pay the wages of a government worker; through
taxes or by borrowing money.  It’s estimated that it takes five private
sector jobs to pay for one government job.  That means that we are way
upside down on this one.  So the only way to pay for these jobs is to
borrow more money.  We are already more than $13 trillion dollars in debt.   And
that’s not including the unfunded liabilities, i.e., social security,
medicare and medicaid.  So,
does it make sense to add to that debt?  Each TAXPAYER is already in
hock for over $100,000 each.  Are you willing to try for $200K?

say, “Oh yeah, well don’t government workers pay taxes too?”  Sure, but
you would have to take 100% of these workers’ wages to pay for their
jobs.  Even if most of these folks just sit around all day, they still
want to get paid for doing nothing.  That’s the American way!  Oh,
sorry.  I didn’t mean to infer there were lazy Americans sucking up free
money while they did little or nothing to earn it.  Not!

In any event, you would still have to make up the difference from
private sector wage earners.  Sounds like more wealth re-distribution to

On top of that, these jobs, which are census workers, are
temporary.  They will shut down at the end of the year.  Then what? 
These 411,000 will be out of work and applying for unemployment benefits
that the government will have to pay out by either collecting more
taxes or borrowing more money.  Does anyone see a pattern here?  More
wealth re-distribution.  It’s unsustainable.  We know it and so do our
lawmakers.  But let’s not let facts get in the way. 

We’ve lost 2.2 million private sector jobs since
Barack Hussein Obama took office.  Hiring more government workers is not
a cure for 10% unemployment.  If it were, we should just shut down
private businesses and let everyone work for the government.  Sounds
crazy right?  Well it is.  So please tell me, why is that where we are

Government does not create wealth.  It destroys it.  If
you don’t believe me, just look at some of those pesky little facts. 
They’re everywhere.  You just have to look. 

But first you have
to open your eyes.

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