The Common Bond

A stake is being driven into the heart of America.  It’s called diversity.  Our children have been sold a lie in their schools, in movies, in music and on television.  Our media goes to great lengths to make us feel bad for feeling good about our country.  We are the ugly Americans. 

So we are told. 

We, who have contributed more than any nation to preserve liberty and foster opportunity worldwide.  We, whose sons lie buried in distant lands where they fell in the defense of others.  Others they were not related to, nor familiar with.

Yet if we do not subscribe to the multi-culturalist doctrine, we are racists; we are hate-mongers, we are un-American.

We see our nation being torn apart.  Those in our government foster divisive politics in the hope of garnering votes for themselves in order to be kept in perpetual power.  Black versus white; rich versus poor; pro- illegal immigrants versus anti-illegal immigrants.  We are being divided so we can be conquered.  And we fall for it.

The very meaning of the word diversity, in its original form, means to divide. How is that good for America?  Our ancestors came here and became part of the American experiment.   The melting pot they created is what made America the great nation she is today.  But they did it, not through diversity, but through the absorbtion of diversity. 

One language, one culture, one nation….under God, indivisible.

At least until now. 


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  1. Rick Richbourg

    True – love of freedom and language are our only commonality

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