The Apocalypse is coming!

Hold on to your hats kids, the dreaded Apocalypse is right around the
corner!  What, you might say!  Then again you may just return to your
trailer park, down a fifth of Johnnie Walker black and not give a damn.

So what makes me ready to huddle inside my 60’s style bomb shelter? 
Well, this news flash just came in:  Arlo Guthrie is a registered
Republican!  Now for those of you too young to remember, Arlo Guthrie
was one of the original Hippies.  His foibles were made famous in a
movie called “Alice’s Restaurant” which was loosely based on his song of
the same name.  It was a pretty dumb movie (and song) and the acting
was atrocious, but I, like the rest of Hippiedom, thought Arlo was a
cool dude who just loved poking fun at “the man” in between drags on a

I’d like to point out that Arlo’s dad was the famous folksinger/social
activist/communist sympathizer Woody Guthrie, so for his famous son to
become a member of the evil Republican Party is like Osama bin Laden
becoming a Christian.  It’s BIG news!

I wonder if this will start a new trend?  Hmmm, maybe Sean Penn will
start quoting Ronald Reagan instead of Hugo Chavez; Jack Nicholson will
embrace Winston Churchill instead of Fidel Castro; Carlos Santana will
wear a Thomas Jefferson T-shirt instead of one with the image of Che
Guevara.  Or how about Rosie O’Donnell;  well, she could actually wear
two or three t-shirts.  But I digress.

So, as an aging ex-Hippie, who woke up to reality on 9/12, I’m going
underground.  At least until the planets realign and all is right with
the world. 

Hopefully that happens in November. 

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