The Big Lie

Socialism and communism are the only way to utopia, right? The bigger the government, the better, right? The Big Lie started in 1917 when old Vlad Lenin got rid of the Russian Czar and family (and I mean GOT RID OF.)  He then set up the first socialist worker’s paradise.  Of course that was after he shot all the teachers, lawyers and doctors (Hmm, come to think of it, that lawyer thing might not be a bad idea.  But I digress.)  So, let’s see, we have had 92 years of evidence to prove how great socialism is. 

In 1991, after nine decades of playing to SRO crowds worldwide, socialism finally failed in the mother of all socialist countries, The USSR.  Lets’ not forget the fact that under Papa Bear Josef Stalin, 40,000,000 of his fellow citizens were systematically starved to death, sent to Gulags where they died of every disease imaginable, or outright murdered in cold blood.  Yes friends, just another day for the socialist in charge.  But let’s not let facts get in the way.

And how about that beautiful island called Cuba?  Yeah, everyone is beating down the doors to get into that socialist paradise right?  Maybe you should ask the 250,000 Cubans who fled there in the 70s on rafts, canoes, boats and anything that they could find that would float.  Or the folks who had the misfortune to disagree with those quirky Castro brothers.  Oops, can’t do that–they’re all dead.  Oh, but they do have health care for everyone.  Except I have to wonder why that Foxy Fidel had to fly in a doctor from Spain when he took ill?  I guess the Cuban docs who treat ordinary Cubans were all busy that day helping the proletariat.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Now, now, let’s not forget North Korea.  That shining star in the history of socialism.  Oh, how every country should have a Dear Leader like they do (sorry, I forgot, we do now!)  Maybe we could all have a per capita income of $706 like the commies up north do.  Unfortunately though, we would all be living in caves like Bin Laden.  But what the hell, at least we would all be equal in our misery. And isn’t that what it’s all about anyway-sharing the wealth?  I do have to wonder though if the braintrust in Washington will live like we do.  Of course they will.  They can feel our pain, right? 

Shame on those capitalist pigs in South Korea too.  Who do they think they are; those industrious slanted-eyed little yellow workers earning 13 times as much as their cousins up north.  A pox on them! 

Where have you gone Joey Stalin, our nation turns its outstretched arms to you, Boo hoo hoo (apologies to Paul Simon.)  Somehow, I’ll bet he could fix those pesky South Koreans real quick.

The former president of Estonia (a former non-voluntary member of The Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics,), Matt Laar, made the following statement, quote: “In 1939 it was hard to find two more similar countries as Finland and Estonia. They are very similar in language, culture and living standards. Our economies were more or less the same. Then in 1940 Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union and Finland successfully protected its independence.

So now what does it look like at the end of a 50-year period of communism in Estonia and relative freedom in Finland? Well, the countries were almost identical before one went communist. There are over 5 million people in Finland, now less than 2 million in Estonia. The average female in Finland lived almost five years longer. The average male in Finland lived more than seven years longer. Estonia’s infant mortality rate was four times that of Finland. Finland’s GDP was almost nine times that of Estonia. GDP per capita was three times as high in Finland. And in Estonia there were only 25 telephones for every 100 people, less than half the amount in Finland.”

Now I know historical facts are hard for libs to get a handle on unless it’s being taught in government schools, but since Estonia freed up their economy, it is now rated as the 12th most economically free country in the world. Since then they have averaged 6% GDP growth per year. That average is higher than our growth rates during the dot-com boom of the 1990s and is just blowing away our current economic condition. 

So the next time our leaders tell us that liberalism will save us (they will never call it socialism, that’s too scary) point their noses at Estonia. Then point your middle finger at them.

Socialism has never worked anywhere.  But socialism will work here?

Just like a cancer, The Big Lie is alive and well and living among us.  It’s time for chemotherapy.  If that doesn’t work, we’ll have to cut it out with a knife.

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