Seek and Destroy


Well, apparently the Democrat Canto known as “Hope and Change” is also another name for “Seek and Destroy“!

Yes, politics is a big boy/girl game and yes, we are in a battle for ideas, and yes those that play the game expect to find the field competitive. That being said, where is the line that you don’t cross?

As Nixon’s ‘Plumbers’ were excoriated by the press, vilified by the public and convicted by the courts, wouldn’t we expect the same for any like behavior today? Or, because we now live in a Post Modern Society, any thing, short of out right illegality is permissible? Oh wait: we now live in a nation were law breaker legislators can change the rule of law to suit their whim thus making any manner of actions legal or illegal.

So today we learn that the web site for the National Tax Day Tea Party has been besieged by a “Denial of Service” (DoS) attack effectively shutting it down. source

This has not only the chilling affect of stifling dissent, it is another salvo in the ongoing war between right and wrong,  good and evil, free market and communism. It is interesting to note that the attack were initiated form both domestic and foreign sources.

Without getting too geeky about this, suffice to say that a DoS attack is an attempt to make a computer resource unavailable for its intended users. While DoS attacks are a common part of an on going cyber war that include rouge regimes, terrorists and cyber criminals, the DoS attack on the conservative Tea Party site can only speak to effectiveness of the Anti Tax message. It should be mentioned that DoS Attacks are not only considered ‘bad form’ it is against the Internet Architecture Board “proper use” policy AND against laws of most individual nations. (Demonstrating once again that criminals, terrorists and bad guys don’t obey the law.)

As, the political battle for the heart and soul of our country extends to the digital turf, we now have cyber-thugs working for “Dear Leader Reader” seeking to demoralize conservatives by employing an iniquitous strategy of lies, deception and disinformation in newsgroups, social media, blog sites, twitter streams and even the mainstream media. Source

Another popular ploy is to ‘troll’ news, blog and social media sites as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, pretending to be a conservative all the while spewing the vilest of deceit cloaked in a supposed friendly voice. Or in actions even more heinous, trolling online groups actually suggesting sedition, rebellion or outright over through of the guv’ment all the while pretending to be a defender of liberty.

Now more than ever, it is prudent to find those sources that are “without wax” and even there – reader beware. For it is obvious “Hope and Change” really mean “Seek and Destroy”. And, where we used to live in America the Beautiful, home of the brave, we are now being radically changed into America the Stained  home of the Socialist.


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