TARP Strings


Tugging at my ‘heart TARP
Strings’ Like some “B” movie plot, I can just hear the dialog now:


Gangster: “We gave you the money, see”


Banker: ” Yea;… but, we didn’t want the money and we didn’t ask for


Gangster: “Well, you took money – and now – you’re gonna do what we
say – see?”



As the Chi-town political thugs
and fellow conspirators complete their beat-down mugging and final take over of
rival “family business” – Congress; their enforcer ‘Big Labor’ is out front
demanding that fellow wise guy T. Geithner  
muzzle the companies if they won’t muzzle




is the Trouble Assets Relief Program, a Guv’ment program to help prop-up some
of the failing financial institutions with tax payer monies.


Labor desperately wants to increase union membership. One certain way to do
this is through ‘Card Check’ – the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) as its also
known.  Card Check, if passed, would
allow the union to come to any business and establish a union with NO SECRET BALLOT.  All that has to be done is to get 50% of the
employees plus one person to be ‘persuaded’ into signing a petition for the
union and viola – the company is unionized!


Those two items are related
in this way:


Big Labor Union bosses are
pressuring their ‘willing accomplice’: Congress, to intimidate TARP recipient
businesses by compelling silence on the Card Check legislation.


While topics for another
discussion: –  the efficacy of big labor
(E.G. Detroit
auto makers) and the once sacrosanct right of all American’s ‘the secret Ballot’;
 – it’s evidently clear that “Hope and
Change” also stand for Extortion and Coercion.


This is a dark, dangerous,
purgatorial place, where the interests of  Big Government and Big Labor intersect to
collude and conspire against the all Americans via their ongoing War on


For “The Business of America –
is Business
!” If you kill business – you kill America.

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