Bailouts, Chaos and Extortion

In 2002 congress was influenced – okay, pressured, by ACORN  and other liberal ‘community organizations’ to  issue new Affirmative Action lending Quotas – to increase ‘minority’ homeownership by 5.5 million by 2010. Contrary to traditional lending standards, or any sort of best management practice, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae allowed many of these loans to be made with NO MONEY DOWN, no security and nothing vested. – (Why do I hear strains of the Dire Straights song – “Money for Nothing” in my head. . .)


In 2004  ‘maverick politicians’ urged reformed of such idiocy only to be ‘whack-a-moled’ like some sort of congressional gangsta beat-down.




In 2008 – we are witnessing a financial condensation of an already managed economy; hobbled by government restrictions, environmental advocacy and union racketeering; perpetrated by the very congressional nitwits now in charge of fixing same.


Like the Politburo or some Venezuelan junta, these apostles of ignorance have presided over the State’s seizing Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, confiscation of your money – via taxes – to bail out companies “too big to fail”. But wait, there’s more . . . there is the persistent rumors that these plunderers will attempt to ‘spread the wealth” by merging YOUR 401K plans with an already insolvent Social Security System and b. Hussein isn’t even inaugurated yet!


Look of the invisible hand of government to be ungloved and fortified and even more meddlesome in the next year.


In the meantime the current rush toward National Socialism – a la the 1930s German model is astonishing both in it’s rapid pace AND acceptance.


The mere consideration of a taxpayer bail-out of the big three US auto makers is so absurd its like an excerpt from a Michael Moore movie –  except it’s true. Yet no one will call it what it really is:  Bailout of a primary democrat constituency.


And make no mistake, even given the staggering amount of money involved, it is but a mere down payment in a blackmail scheme where the CEO’s of the  US auto makers have become “Fixers” an the largest union extortion plot ever. And of course the politicians benefiting from this voter-block are only all too happy to oblige – with the transfer your money to someone else.

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  1. Hi, Rick.
    Check out these sites:
    We are in deep sh*t.

  2. Congress the new mafia?

    Criminal mischief: or ricco violations?   So, it turns out that the political incubator that nurtured “the office of the president elect”  has sired yet another ‘Frankensteinian’ political ‘soup-sandwich”. As they say “power begets power” and…

  3. Former Alphonso Jackson HUD Sec, Orlando Cabrera, then-assistant secretary resigned this year in disgrace as they were involved in corruption themselves (Philadelphia Mayor and FHA). Kim Kendrick
    was involved and amazingly is still at HUD. Look what she is doing with our money now. But first alittle about Kim from an article:
    “HUD Officials Caught Bullying State Employees Members of the Bush Administration have once again been caught strong-arming government officials into abiding by their policies. In an email exchange, two top political appointees at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) discussed ways to make the life of Philadelphia’s housing director Carl R. Greene miserable after he refused a request to transfer a $2 million piece of city property to a business friend of the HUD Secretary.
    “Would you like me to make his life less happy? If so, how?” Orlando J. Cabrera, then-assistant secretary at HUD wrote about Philadelphia housing director Carl R. Greene.
    “Take away all of his Federal dollars? : D” responded Kim Kendrick, an assistant secretary who oversaw accessible housing.
    Thanks for using our taxpayer money to finace ACORN KIM! At the core of the ACORN is HUD.
    Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
    $200,000 from HUD to ACORN – Kim Kendrick
    New Mexico ACORN Associates $100K in October
    92 agencies nationwide receive Fair Housing Initiative Program funding

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