Breakfast with Champions!

Capt Jeff Struecker - cellphone photoAwesome, no awestruck would probably be a better word.


Today I was fortunate enough to have breakfast with Captain Jeff Struecker, Army Chaplin,  and former member of  75th Ranger Regiment.  Yes, the same Jeff Struecker prominently featured in both the book and major motion picture “Black Hawk Down”. . . .


I and several hundred other fellas were spellbound by an account of Jeff’s experiences in Mogadishu and blessed by a very powerful testimony of his faith.


Completely recharging to hear some “bullet-proof faith” dispensed by a man of consequence!




We as a nation are truly blessed to have men like this doing what they do – so that we can – still do what we do!  May God continue to pour out his rich blessings on Jeff Struecker and all those who follow in his path.




Jeff’s appearance was hosted by The Gathering of Men for their annual Outreach Breakfast. Kudos for an excellent event!

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