Shame on Us

Obviously, the Iranian election is a sham.  It didn’t make any difference how the people voted, the mullahs not only handpicked the contestants; they determined (pre-election) who the winner would be.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the mosque, the people didn’t appreciate their votes being made meaningless.  They let the government know it and now more than 100 Iranians are dead.  Their only crime was wanting a fair election process.

We Americans should take note of what’s happening half way around the world from us.  And we need to ask ourselves, “How would we react?”  It’s a question that we need to answer truthfully, because, although many feel “it can’t happen here”, it most certainly can.   We are going to have to make a choice:  either make a stand against tyranny or let it conquer us.

We have reached crisis mode in America.  Our Dear Leader is expanding government at a mind-boggling  rate and his personal power is growing right along with it.  He already controls General Motors, Chrysler, AIG, the banks, the investment companies and if he gets control of the healthcare system, he will have dominion over 70% of our nation’s economy.  Is that the change you voted for?  No matter your political persuasion, do you really want ONE man with that much power?

This July 4th, we celebrate the 233rd year of our Declaration of Independence.  Literally, hundreds of thousands of brave Americans sacrificed their lives so we could enjoy the rights given to us by God.  Our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to build a nation dedicated to and founded on the ideas of life, liberty and property.  Would you do the same?

It seems as if we have forgotten how and why our nation began.  But it seems the American spirit is more alive in Iran than it is here.  Iranians understand our sacred documents more than we do.

Shouldn’t we be the ones protesting the stealing of our children’s futures?  Shouldn’t we be the ones protesting the destruction of our culture, our economy, our security and our liberty?  

The shame is on us for watching someone else do it. The shame is on us for not paying attention to the truth.  The shame is on us for being cowards.  

The shame is on us for forgetting that we are Americans.

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  1. Carl,
    The question in America is not “How would we react?”, but “Why haven’t we Reacted?”
    There is documented proof that JFK’s election in 1960 rested soley upon the outcome in Illinois. And that the outcome was manipulated by Chicago’s Mayor Daley, the ward bosses and the unions.
    Probably before, but at least ever since, there have been ‘election irregularities’ that surface in each Presidential election, but they seem to be forgotten by the media conveniently quickly.
    To the best of my knowledge, these ‘irregularities’ always seem to occur in areas controlled by a Democrat Supervisor of Elections. Palm Beach and Broward Counties, Florida in 2000 come to mind. It always seems that Republicn supervised elections, when required, always come back quickly with proven tallies and always squeaky clean.
    Do I need to mention ‘Provisional Ballots’ given to those too stupid to know where to vote or, to begin with, register? Does Tiger Woods get mulligans?
    Do you think there may have been any voter fraud in America with ACORN paying cigarettes and alcohol to their solicitors for voter registrations in the 2008 election? Did all of the Dallas Cowboys starting lineup vote in Las Vegas? I haven’t heard a word!
    What about liberal Federal judges requiring polling places to extend hours, in St. Louis, in San Francisco and a in number of other Democrat (never Replublican) strongholds, both 2004 and 2008? It was not for a justifiable cause like a voting snafu’s or an overwhelming turn-out. It was blatant attempt to let more of the Ingorant Majority get to the polls in ACORN shuttles.
    I do not even want to delve into the fraud in Minnesota that the Franken campaign has pulled on Norm Coleman. It is a disgusting display of voter fraud and the complicity of the courts.
    Needless to say, American elections have been and are being stolen regularly. Therefore, the question is not “How would” but “Why haven’t” Americans reacted? Iranians are fighting for an ideal we once shed blood for and are now willingly acceding, yet they still fervently desire.
    For those that understand America and how and why we became America:
    Ask yourself: “Where is John Galt?”

  2. Rick Richbourg

    Yes indeed – where is John Galt?

  3. Very well said and right on the money. Indeed, the question IS why.

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